Fail Whisperers

Fail whisperers

Meet our experts at failing. People who have failed and learned, and failed again,

and after that they have reached success.

Meet our Fail whisperers.

  • Ewelina Ferchow

    I am the founder of Fail in Love. My fail in love stories are the things that have inspired me to create this platform to offer you the chance to create crazy and irrational ideas and search for help from people you may inspire.
  • Ernesto Rodriguez-Leal

    PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Founder of Wearobot and Hoope. As a fail whisperer I am happy to hear your projects and to help you with technical advice, business insight, or connect you with relevant specialists.
  • Alejandra Diaz de Leon Lastras

    Architect and Maker. I support interdisciplinary very disruptive projects.
  • Sergio Camacho-Leon

    Professor of Electronics, Microtechnology Researcher and Founding Director of the ITESM-IntelĀ“s IoT Lab at Campus Monterrey, looking to challenge the status quo and to support you in making something implausible real.

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