Let others fall in love with your ideas, you do, fail and learn to accomplish them

In Fail in Love we encourage you to create projects with extreme social purpose for solving the most demanding global challenges.

Set call to action, time and number of people you want to contact to get feedback and support from. At the end, share the story of your campaign and become Fail Whisperer to support somebody else.

Have an idea? Start here!

Have an idea that can change the world? A project to help prevent social matters? Register your poject and use our platform to ask feedback to influential people. Set a goal and try to get as many responses as you can before your deadline. Failed? That’s okay. Learn from your mistakes and move on!

Register your project.

Ask for feedback and support from influencers and leaders.

Try to get as many responses as you can or you’ll fail. It’s okay if you do!

Share your story

Become a Fail Whisperer?

A Fail Whisperer is someone who has failed many times and in the end they were succesful. These people have a lot of experience in their projects and they can share their stories and give you valuable advice on your project.

If you want to become a Fail Whisperer and give advice to people who are trying to suceed, please click here.